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The Cost of Buying and Owning Property in Germany

01.01.1970 03:00

There are additional kinds of taxes and charges purchasers should be conscious of obtaining property in Germany.

Costs of Buying Property in Germany

The Property Purchase Tax - the main tax purchaser should pay. This tax rate differs from 3.5% to 5% of the property value dependent on federal state (from 3.5% in Bavaria and Saxony to 5% in Berlin and Thuringia).

Costs of Owning Property in Germany

Annually each property owner has to pay an tax on land/property Real Property Tax. The tax vary dependent on the sort of property. The tax is payable every quarter.

This tax is calculated based on assessed values and rates by multiplying:

  • the assessed value of the property (for flats it is the price of a proportion of the plot beneath the apartment building)
  • the real property tax amount
  • the municipal multiplier
  • Purchasing a flat in Germany comes with regular costs. First of all they are utilities, shared fees and building insurance - garbage removal, housekeeping, water supply, shared building electrical energy, maintenance of the heating system etc. They are paid by the renter if the flat or the house is leased. Owning property also comes with the service costs: insurance of the building, cleaning of the shared areas, ground tax, gardening, housekeeping, electrical energy and water for the shared areas, check of the heating systems, cable television, snow/waste removal.

    When owning a flat as share of a communal property building reserve fund is required.


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