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How to buy

Foreigner can buy any property in Monaco. Acquiring property here is quite straightforward. However, it is difficult to buy land here because of the limited territory.


The Principality of Monaco is a tiny state with a surface area of 2.02 km2 where live a lot of celebs. Among others the Principality is famous for its casino, the Opera House, the Exotic Garden, the Napoleon Museum and the Grand Prix of Monaco.


To escape unwanted surprise when buying property in Germany purchaser should be conscious of extra taxes and charges coming on top of the price for the property


The following article shows you what to consider if you have decided to buy a property in Germany


Learn about German mortgage for foreigners before buying your dream property abroad


Buying property in Cyprus is a popular investment. We present a short guide for those looking to invest in property in Cyprus.


There are many excellent reasons for buying property in Cyprus, although it’s important not to be under any illusions about what you can expect. Make sure you find out about property market in Cyprus and understand how the system of buying property works as it might be very different from your home country.


A variety of fees are payable when you buy a property in Cyprus. In this article property taxes are detailed


Today Cyprus is one of the most popular countries for investors in real estate. Not everyone however can afford to buy a dream property at once. In such a case mortgages can be a solution. They are authorized by most commercial banks offering mortgage facilities to locals and foreign nationals. However, some help from the experts with applying for your mortgage is required.


This article sets out essential information for those wanting to buy property in Spain


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