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About Housage Real Estate


Housage is an international real estate agency, consisting of 3 departments, which offer the full range of services on a foreign real estate market

The main goal of the company is care of a client:

  • • time saving
  • • consulting
  • • translation service
  • • legal support
  • • absolute confidentiality

Housage RealEstate is a department, specializing in selection and selling residential foreign property

The main goal of the company is to provide qualitative and professional service, taking into account maximum detailed criteria of the client:

  • • help in choosing the country
  • • selection of the proper objects
  • • showing the objects in place

Housage Invest is a department dealing with selection and selling investment/commercial foreign property

The main goal of the company is to meet specific investment needs in the most competent way:

  • • skillfully planned investment strategy
  • • providing the tools of client’s investment control
  • • legal, technical and economic assessment

Housage Immigration is a department, dealing with immigration via investing in real estate

   The main goal of the company is to provide a professional, customer-oriented advice:

  • • immigration program selection
  • • provision of liquid property objects suitable for immigration programs
  • • legal support
  • • after-sales service

Structure division of the company allows us to have integrated approach to every single client. This in turn allows us to find right property in very short time periods and at the best price.

English speaking staff

  • Jane
    Sales ManagerJane
  • Amina
    Sales ManagerAmina
  • Helga
    Sales ManagerHelga
  • George
  • Bobby
    Sales ManagerBobby
  • Dina
    Sales ManagerDina
  • Andrew
    Sales ManagerAndrew
  • Helen
    Sales ManagerHelen


Office in Moscow
Office in Moscow
+7 (495) 240-81-87
Office in St. Petersburg
Office in St. Petersburg
+7 (812) 241-18-09
Office in Kiev
Office in Kiev
+380 (44) 393-41-64
Office in Spain
Office in Spain
+34 (931) 720-189
Office in Cyprus
Office in Cyprus
Office in London
Office in London